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Slow Sort

Goal: Sort an array of numbers from low to high (or high to low).

You are given an array of numbers and need to put them in the right order. The insertion sort algorithm works as follows:

We can decompose the problem of sorting n numbers in ascending order into

  1. find the maximum of the numbers
  2. find the maximum of the first n/2 elements
  3. find the maximum of the remaining n/2 elements
  4. find the largest of those two maxima
  5. sorting the remaining ones

The code

Here is an implementation of slow sort in Swift:

public func slowsort(_ i: Int, _ j: Int) {
    if i>=j {
    let m = (i+j)/2
    if numberList[j] < numberList[m] {
        let temp = numberList[j]
        numberList[j] = numberList[m]
        numberList[m] = temp


Case Performance
Worst slow
Best O(n^(log(n)/(2+e))))
Average O(n^(log(n)/2))

See also

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Written for Swift Algorithm Club by Lukas Schramm

(used the Insertion Sort Readme as template)